What is Paediatric physiotherapy?

Most people don’t have a concrete idea about what physiotherapy can do for babies and growing kids. Children are different composition when it comes to built, movement, or thought process. The fact that there might be cases when kids are not able to keep up with various things up to the expectations. The real reason might be some of the gross motor problems including deterrent neurological conditions. In such cases, a physiotherapist could help in child development, particularly concerning developmental disorders.

The principles of Paediatric physiotherapy

In cases of babies or growing kids, movement is such an important concept. Children need to have flexible movement to experience the greater benefit. The body movement is essential for learning and growing.

When a child malfunctions for some reason. As such, paediatric physiotherapists correct that with assessment, identification, and diagnosis of the issue.

However, there are certain principles for the treatment procedure to rectify child development and movement difficulties.

The first phase starts with a comprehensive assessment, by the physiotherapist, after observing your child’s mobility. The experts conduct the assessment under the vigilance of parents or guardians. Gradually, based on the diagnosis from the comprehensive assessment, an individualized treatment plan is set up for rectifying the developmental disorders or gross motor problems.

Paediatric physiotherapy treatment includes a combination of hands-on techniques and exercises that are meant to increase range of motion, strength, coordination, balance.

Paediatric Therapy for Developmental Delays

There might be an issue with the navigation of the environment, which ultimately leads to developmental disorders. In cases as such, the physiotherapist guide the juveniles to achieve their developmental milestones and work to develop exercises.

As an attempt to improve the developmental disorders, the therapists help activate the nerves that work together to create a movement, thereyby helping in motor learning. Besides, the vestibular system, proprioceptive centers, olfactory systems are some of the areas that play main role in bringing down developmental disorders.

Paediatric Therapy for neurological conditions

When the kids suffer from a congenital disorder, it may cause some neurological defecit.

A physiotherapist can create a suitable physical development environment and help children improve neurological conditions.  As a result, it helps children reach milestones as soon as possible.

To improve the neurological condition, a physiotherapists might use a combination of various types of exercises that impact certain parts of the body. Some of the attempts to improve the neurological conditions are making the babies achieve balance while doing weight shifting, or maintain a posture during the movements.

Paediatric Therapy for Gross motor problems

Gross motor problems are conditions when a child can’t do a few movements he is supposed to do at that age. The movement variation includes rolling, crawling, walking, or doing other gross motor activities.

Technically, a gross motor problem arises due to the malfunctioning of the arms, legs, and torso. Some of the gross motor problems are not being able to climb the stairs without help at the age of four. Further, this includes rolling over from back to stomach and sitting without help at six months. In cases as such, you need to take your child to all checkups. This pediatrician could ensure your child is growing normally.

What are the benefits of Paediatric Therapy?

Specialist paediatric neurological physiotherapy treatment will help:

  • Make movements easier to achieve
  • Train normal patterns of movement
  • Improve ability with everyday activities
  • Improve muscle strength
  • Lift range of movement
  • Improve gross or fine motor skills
  • Corrects  posture
  • Maintain balance
  • Increase confidence with tasks


A specialist neurological physiotherapist best provides pediatric rehabilitation in improving the developmental disorders of the child. We make sure physiotherapy is both enjoyable and effective so that your child will reach their maximum physical potential to take on everyday tasks. Get in touch for detail discussion.

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