How to treat a concussion with physiotherapy?

Every individual experiences different symptoms after suffering a concussion and therefore there is no one size fits all when it comes to concussion treatment. To recover from a concussion, an integrated approach of vestibular-ocular exercises with rehabilitation can help in recovering from the condition. 

An integrated approach involves consulting your physician to understand the severity of the condition and devising a recovery plan which can fasten your recovery. At PhysioExperts, we include physiotherapy, and massage therapy to ensure everything is addressed properly.

Further to our concussion recovery therapy we educate you about the benefits and how we will be curing the symptoms with rehabilitative exercises during the tenure of the treatment. This gives positivity which boosts your recovery. We try to minimize the associated anxiety and mental health components of the injury as a lot of what you are going through which is frustrating but is also normal after a concussion.

After 48-72 hours of rest, we help you return to your daily active life as long as the symptoms are not provoked again. We then introduce a daily aerobic exercise routine in our clinic. Daily aerobic exercise helps to address issues with the Autonomic Nervous System, which is commonly impaired after a concussion. As mentioned earlier every concussion is different and therefore we work on a personalized plan and track intensity levels and associated responses to encourage an active recovery.

The few days of treatments includes 20-minute slow walks at a level that does not provoke symptoms., Gradually as you start to feel better, we introduce different exercise regimes depending on the rehabilitation goals. Commonly after a concussion our parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) will lose its ability to help in the regulation of our heart rate response. This is partly why concussion patients may experience symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, and feeling lightheaded to name a few with increased activity levels and postural changes (from seated to standing).

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Acupuncture: Advantages & Disadvantages

Acupuncture therapy has been practiced with great success for thousands of years for patients suffering from chronic pain, headaches, stomach issues, menstrual cramps, and fertility problems. 

Even though this technique has shown proven results and can improve your health significantly, you need to assess if you need to take it or not. Before you schedule an appointment with our acupuncture specialist, we would recommend asking yourself whether you need it or not. No doubt, acupuncture therapy certainly has its advantages, but there are some disadvantages linked to it as well.

Let’s help you understand what you need to consider when you book an appointment for acupuncture therapy in Kanata.

  1. Acupuncture helps you feel relaxed. Pricking needles on the pressure points specific to your condition helps in relieving you from pain and stress. Data shows that Acupuncture creates an increase in serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins,which help in enhancing your mood.
  2. No drugs or chemicals are used in acupuncture. Therefore there are little to no side effects of acupuncture therapy. This natural therapy also helps in balancing the body’s energy levels. 
  3. Even though the practice uses pricking needles in the skin, a trained acupuncture specialist can make the treatment painless. There is strong overwhelming evidence that acupuncture is a high-quality treatment for chronic pain and a wide range of health conditions.

Now let’s deep dive into the disadvantages of acupuncture therapy

  1. Acupuncture may temporarily worsen certain symptoms before the situation improves. This is a rare situation but it is good to be aware of. If your body energy levels are imbalanced, your body may experience changes and sensations which is quite normal. 
  2. You may undergo the treatment and still see no improvement. We usually suggest our patients take a few sittings of acupuncture therapy in our clinic to see better results. It also depends on the condition. If the condition is chronic or needs a holistic approach, you may need 4 to 8 visits a month for several months.
  3. Dizziness, nausea or strong fatigue can occur after an Acupuncture session. This is usually if the patient has not eaten before acupuncture therapy or has over exercised prior to the treatment.  Be sure to inform your Acupuncturist of any recent changes or long term issues with mood and energy before your treatment in order to ensure the best results.

It is our expectation that this article will help you understand the pros and cons of acupuncture therapy. 

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Why choose PhysioExperts Physiotherapy as your physiotherapy clinic in Ottawa?

Physiotherapy is an alternative wellness therapy that aims to help patients recover, improve and maintain their physical abilities. PhysioExperts Physiotherapy is a physiotherapy rehab center in Ottawa that treats the pain from the root. We deal with problems related to everything in musculoskeletal systems i.e. muscle strains, joint pains, frozen shoulders, sport-related injuries. 

PhysioExperts Physiotherapy clinic Ottawa has a team of highly qualified physiotherapists who help you in recovering from physical injuries with ease. We believe in moving you to better health with a personalised treatment plan. In some situations, people tend to lose hope but we ensure our clients never lose their willpower to get better in shape and that makes us one of the top physiotherapy clinics in Ottawa. 

Here are five reasons why many people choose PhysioExperts Physiotherapy & Rehab Centre:

  1. A team of professionals to treat you

To give you the best services, PhysioExperts Physiotherapy’s team of trained physiotherapists who design a customized treatment plan based on the severity of your condition. We know that every injury or pain and every individual is different and may require a different set of treatment based on the severity, age and the problem. We work towards moving you to better health with physiotherapy.

  1. A wide range of services and treatments

Worrying about where to get the best treatment for your injury? Here at PhysioExperts Physiotherapy & Rehab Center, we aim to offer comprehensive sports injury rehabilitation, motor vehicle accident rehabilitation and chronic injury management. No matter if you are recovering from a surgery or met with an accident, we can help to move to better health with physiotherapy. 

We always believe in maintaining transparency with our clients and focus on training and educating them to help prevent future injuries.

  1. Direct billing available

Are you still thinking about whether to choose us? Here we present you one more reason to give you an advantage. If your health insurance covers physiotherapy treatment, we just go ahead and bill your insurance company directly. We believe in providing a hassle-free process for you at all times.

PhysioExperts offers physiotherapy in Kanata and across Ottawa. For appointments, call us at (613) 672 6000 or email us at
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How to Prevent the 3 Most Common Sports Injuries

Sports-related injuries can be physically traumatizing at times. There are several ways which can help reduce the pain and get you back in shape. Physiotherapy is one of the most recommended ways to heal you from a severe sports injury. PhysioExperts is your sports physiotherapist that helps you move you to better health.

However, let’s look into the most common sports injuries that can take a toll on your athletic endeavour.

Shoulder Injury

When it comes to sports, shoulder injuries are quite common be it football, soccer, hockey. Tackling a shoulder injury, the best way is to see a sports physiotherapist in Ottawa. We would recommend taking a break from the routine and get your physiotherapist assess you and recommend what best for you. However, if the condition is mild and is curable then daily stretching exercises before your workout will be beneficial. 


Scoring a goal in a match and then lying down on the ground with a blow on the head is a dangerous situation. It can cause a concussion, which may result in disorientation and dizziness. In such a scenario, our best advice would be to avoid any kind of contact sports. See a sports physiotherapist in Kanata, who will chalk down a recovery plan and a series of exercises that can get you back in the game. 

Ankle Sprain

Ankles sprains are the third most common injury in sports. You require a lot of running, turning and twisting. The best way to heal your sprain is physiotherapy. We usually recommend strengthening techniques as much as possible. Also, simple RICE technique – rest, ice, compression and elevate will help heal the injury faster.

The gist

No matter how good of shape you keep yourself in, sports are demanding and take a toll on your body. Remember to be a smart athlete so that you can enjoy your favourite sport pain-free!

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Physiotherapy treatment for Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common problem nowadays. With two-thirds of Canada’s population having neck pain at some point in their lives. Neck pain can be caused due to various factors. Even if you have slept abnormally, you can wake up with a stiff neck. Any abnormalities, inflammation, or injury can cause neck pain or stiffness. But the good news is that neck pain physical therapy exercises can help reduce your pain.

If you’re suffering from neck pain or stiffness and looking for pain relief, your physical therapist might suggest the following exercises.

  1. Shoulder and head rolls

These stretches are a good warm-up before other exercises. 

For a shoulder roll, keep your arms relaxed at your sides, and with your head upright, simply lift and roll your shoulders. Relax for a few seconds between each roll. Do ten rolls forward, and then back.

Stretch the neck before you start a head roll. Make sure your shoulder blades are relaxed, and that your head is not tilted forward. Start by dipping your chin slowly toward your chest, and hold for briefly for like 5 breaths. Next, lift your head and lower your left ear toward your left shoulder, and hold. Repeat this movement on the right side, then do a similar stretch with your head tilted back.

After stretching your neck, roll your head slowly in sections, from tucked in front or tilted back in each side, five times each. Avoid doing a full head roll, which can actually strain the neck.

  1. Seated neck stretch

This exercise can even be performed at your desk. Sit upright in your chair with your feet flat on the ground. Extend your right arm along your right side and place your left hand on the top of your head. Tilt your head to the left, applying pressure with your hand to gently intensify the stretch. Hold for 30 seconds, then repeat the same on the right side. Do 10 reps of this exercise.

  1. Wall push-up

This exercise can help strengthen your shoulders and neck muscles, without causing as much stress as it would with floor push-ups. Stand at least two to three feet away facing the wall and spread your feet and shoulders apart. Place your hands against the wall, slightly below your shoulder level. Start with straight arms, and bend your elbows slowly to bring your body closer to the wall. Do 2 sets of 10 each.

  1. Prone rows

This exercise strengthens the muscles that pull the shoulder blades together. Lie facedown on a comfortable surface, preferably a bed would be a good option. Angle your face in a corner and dangle your arms off each side. Row upward, bending the elbows and squeezing the shoulder blades together without moving your head. Two sets of 20 reps each. You can also add light weights to this exercise if it is too easy.

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