Rookie Weight-Training Mistakes That Lead to Injury

Keeping an active life and working out regularly is good for your health. But exercising with correct technique, posture and intensity is important to avoid injuries. As a sports physiotherapist in Ottawa, we treat all sorts of aches, pains and injuries caused due to wrong posture techniques  or missing out on warm-ups. But we always recommend working out the right way. 

If you are a beginner and do not know how to work out right, then this article is perfect to understand the most common mistakes people make at the gym.

  1. Exercising without proper warmup

Do not skip a warmup! The reason why warmup is an essential part of your workout because you need to charge up your body to get ready for the heavyweight workout regime. It’s tempting to skip the warmup and save time, but increasing speed or intensity before your body is warm can lead to injury. Body warmup increases blood circulation, loosens your joints, and keeps the muscles warm and loose preventing acute injuries like muscle spasms or joint pains.

  1. Working out when you are unwell

If you’re feeling a bit under the weather or didn’t get enough sleep, working out will only worsen it. Your mind-body connection is important when you work out. If you feel well enough to exercise, but not 100%, don’t do strenuous exercises, rather stick to walking or yoga. 

  1. Working out too soon after injury

If you’re recovering from a sports injury, you need to take it slow and gradually resume your activity.  Just because the pain is gone, doesn’t mean your injury is healed, Get back in active mode can re-aggravate the pain and it may cause a re-injury. Pro-tip: the best way to know if you’re ready for physical activity is to consult a physical therapist.

  1. Not getting an injury treated right away

A common mistake many people make when they have a minor muscle related pain is to avoid getting a treatment for it. This often worsens the condition over time and you may risk an injury. Getting physiotherapy treatment in Ottawa when you experience a slight pain can reduce the impact of the injury. PhysioExperts gives you guidance and education on when and how to return to activity

PhysioExperts lets you experience the right muscle injury treatment in Kanata through the right physiotherapy techniques.

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5 Chronic Smartphone Injuries

We may rarely find people who don’t love their smartphone and there is no wrong with it. Living in a digital age, the smartphone has become a need more than just a want. However, there may be something not right with the way you use it. It may sound weird, but without having a proper form, the use of cell phones for a longer period may cause a slew of issues ranging from dry eyes to painful neck and much more. Luckily, you don’t have to give up your phone completely to keep these problems distant. Just the small in the way of its usage can make all the difference.

Let’s have a look at 5 Chronic Smartphone Injuries:

Neck Strains

Neck strain is an injury to the muscles and tendons that support and move the head and neck. The neck is susceptible to injury because it is capable of an extensive range of motion. It is, as a result, less stable than many other body areas. Also, the neck muscles are affected by the motion of nearly all other areas of the body.

Seeing a doctor is essential for all neck strains with serious injury or severe, persistent, or unexplained symptoms or problems. Supportive self-care is often enough with the more common minor injuries for someone to have a complete recovery.

Golfer’s Elbow

Also known as Medial epicondylitis, it is a condition caused by irritation or inflammation of a tendon. The affected person may typically experience pain at the time of bending the wrist towards the forearm.

Nobody other than a doctor can diagnose Golfer’s Elbow, followed by a physical examination as that is necessary.

Trigger Thumb

Trigger finger is caused because of the inflammation of the tendons that provides flexibility to your fingers, resulting in finger pain and tenderness. In this condition, your finger’s movement gets limited and it becomes difficult to bend and straighten your finger.

Your doctor can recommend surgery, in case the at-home treatments and medications don’t work.

Back Pain

Nowadays back pain has become a very common problem and affects most of us at some point in time during our lives.

Back pain may range from a muscle aching to a stabbing or burning sensation. Furthermore, it is possible that the pain even worsens with bending, radiating down your leg affecting standing, twisting, walking, or lifting.

In 85 percent of the cases, the pain gets healed without surgery. It is better to talk to your doctor in case you are experiencing back pain.

Crooked Pinky

This condition is caused when a person holds the smartphone bending the fingers for a long time and incorrectly. This looks usual however it may probably cause ‘Osteoarthritis’ —breaking down of the cartilage that underlies your bones.

Instead of neglecting this minor issue, it is advisable to seek the consultation of a medical expert.

Smartphones indeed are useful yet may have a variety of physical as well as mental impact. Hence using the smartphone only in case of any work or important or useful task might be a smart choice to avoid these Chronic Smartphone Injuries. If you are in Ottawa then you must visit PhysioExperts, the best Chronic Pain Therapist.

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Easy Balance Training Routine: 3 Moves for Better Balance

Every 42 seconds, an elder Canadian is treated for a fall-related injury. Though the falls are not completely preventable, yet there are things that almost everyone over the age of 50 can do to reduce the chances of a fall or disbalance. Older adults can improve balance and strengthen muscles with the help of certain specialized exercises.

A variety of balance exercises may be done with the comfort of your usual surroundings, with little or no preparation. Whether you are planning to visit a post-acute care facility or you’re receiving home health care, doing daily balance exercises may help you keep strong on your feet.

Here are the three easy and quick balance physiotherapy exercises that seniors or elderly people can do at home:

  • Single-Leg Stance
  • Narrow Stance
  • Controlled Foot Placement

Single-Leg Stance

A sturdy kitchen chair is required for this exercise. You need to situate the chair in the center of the room, with the seat facing opposite to you. Then stand with just your feet together and keep your knees relaxed and loose so that you feel comfortable. Now place both your hands on the back of the chair for maintaining balance. After that slowly lift your right leg to the right upwards, so that you can balance on your left leg. Hold on this position for 10-15 seconds. Then repeat the same steps with the left leg. Do a set of a minimum of 10 lifts per leg.

Purpose: Ultimately, you must be able to hold this pose for as close as for 30 seconds. If you feel sufficient stability, then you can try without the chair for a few seconds during your exercise. However, in case you can do leg lifts without proper aid, it is still advised to keep the chair closer and handy if you are required to lean on something.

Narrow Stance Training

The best thing about this training is that you can perform it anywhere. It aims to train your body using trunk stability muscles so that your balance is stable.

For this, you are required to Place one foot in front of the other, you can use support at the beginning! Then just hold this position for 10-30 seconds more maintaining good balance. After this, you are supposed to look straight ahead of you and make it more advanced by standing on your feet in a narrower position (one foot in front of the other, also known as ‘tandem stance’).

This is useful coordination and balance exercise.

Purpose: The best thing about this training is that you can perform it anywhere. It aims to train your body using trunk stability muscles so that your balance is stable.

Controlled Foot Taps

Also known as stair taps and cone taps, this exercise helps in maintaining your stability at the time of performing foot taps to a surface or step.

To perform this, you need to stand straight with a tall posture, then tap a step after lifting one foot. Now repeat the movement and focus on the same spot each time. You may also perform this exercise by touching certain points on a flat surface. You just need to aim to tap the same spot, as in a point between the two kitchen tiles.

Purpose: This version of the exercise is beneficial in burning calories, targeting your lower body muscles, raising your heart rate, and improving balance, speed, and foot-handling skills.

Balancing every aspect of your life is always necessary, be it your lifestyle or body. Health is the primary factor while trying to balance your life. Balance Physiotherapy services are offered by PhysioExperts in Ottawa. Now, as we are talking about balancing, then why shouldn’t we begin the improvement in the balance of our body by practising some easy yet beneficial workouts?

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