Physiotherapy simply means a treatment plan that mainly concentrates on the movement of the muscles. It helps in repairing, maintaining, and increasing people’s physical strength, functions, movements and total health issues.

When you get an injury and you plan to do physiotherapy, you keep a lot of expectations like best services, comfortable feeling, privacy, professionalism, good treatment plan, proper guidance from them, assistance, etc.

So, here we will discuss a few services every physiotherapy centre should offer.

Services offered by Kanata physiotherapy

They offer all kinds of services to their patients like:

  1. They provide an active release technique: They treat you with this process. It helps in relieving swelling formed from injured tissues.
  2. They provide acupuncture: This process is done with the help of needles poked in the body. They provide you with this service to increase energy levels in the body.
  3. They provide aqua therapy and back pain treatments: they use water techniques and pool therapies to treat their patients which includes exercises and massage at the same time.
  4. They provide you with (APE) program which includes so many tests to perform a base for athletes. They provide personal training to the patients to improve their performances in sports.
  5. They also provide you with custom knee bracing. This helps in the recovery of ligament tears and knee injuries.
  6. They provide custom orthotics. These are devices used under footwear to improve the functioning of your feet.
  7. They have all registered nutritionists and expert dieticians who know what is best for your body and will guide you accordingly.
  8. They provide you with custom diet plans and workout plans according to your expected results.
  9. Their physiotherapists also provide rehabilitation for vertigo patients.
  10. They provide yoga classes for their patients, both beginners to advanced courses are available.
  11. They use manual and manipulative therapies for their patients. This helps in improving joint pains. They also treat a variety of conditions caused by injuries, arthritis, swelling of muscles and sprain etc. professional to advanced training is given to their customers.
  12. They offer massage therapies as well. This helps in improving the blood circulation of the body.
  13. They get along with expert coaches and fitness experts to reach target goals easily.


If you meet with an accident and looking for physiotherapy treatment, but don’t know what they provide to their patients then have a look at these services offered at Kanata physiotherapy. They offer a wide range of services that allows speedy recovery for their patients and also expert guidance. So, choose wisely.

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