What Is “Core”?

There are many misconceptions among people about specifics of Core. They are of the notion that the core is simply the abdominal muscles or the “6-pack” abs. However, the concept of the core is much more than what they think, and it’s very crucial to have an accurate idea. This helps in fruitful rehabilitation physiotherapy.

Technically, the core area of the body is your midsection, and it involves all of the muscles in that area that makes up the torso. Commonly, these are on the front, the sides, and the back of the body. More specifically, the core includes the muscles that stabilize the hips and shoulders.

Do you need more clarity about the concept of “Core stability”?

In this article, we are going to clarify the same thing and guide you about how our physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre could help you achieve core stability.

 What’s the importance of Core stability for health?

In a more generalized term, the core is at the center of your body, and it encompasses your abs, hips, back, and chest.  The underneath muscles work as stabilizers for the entire body.  Consequently, rehabilitation physiotherapy in the form of core training is all about doing specific exercises to develop and strengthen these stabilizer muscles.

Let’s walk you through the benefits of having a strong core.

The following are the takeaways with a strong core:

  • Improve the balance and stability

 Core training exercise helps the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips, and abdomen to work together.

  • Eliminate back pain

Having a strong core eliminates the recurring occurrence of back pain. 

  • Upright Posture

An upright posture can help you sit and stand for long periods.

What are the conditions for rehabilitation physiotherapy and Core Training?

Improving core stability could be part of the rehabilitation physiotherapy, where people are under the following health conditions.

  • If you are suffering from chronic conditions such as back pain, you may require core training for recovery
  • If you had a ligament or muscle sprain
  • Recovery from an injury
  • Optimal spinal stabilization
  • Patients who have undergone a recent joint surgery

Apart from that,  as we grow older, we tend to lose a significant amount of muscle mass. Things get worse when most of the individuals spend their day seated in the office doing little or no physical activity at all. With that said, it is beneficial to adopt a stringent workout routine that focuses on these highly useful muscles.

Additionally, if you are someone who is on the way to recover from a recent injury, and in dire need for exercise prescription and rehabilitation physiotherapy home service, you may need to take the step. Consider visiting us at our physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre in Ottawa.

The special case of how osteoarthritis (OA) can affect the core stability

There has been various research about how lower extremity injuries may diminish core stability measures. In fact, osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease where the knee is the most common site for OA.

As per the international journal of Therapies and Rehabilitation research, there have been correlations of hip activity and core stability.

The outcome was that the core stability measures the hip abductor and external rotator strength along with the functional activity level in knee osteoarthritis Treatment.

Now that you know the chronic osteoarthritis could be prevented, we would want to give some of the glimpses about how Physio Experts can help you build Core Stability as a part of osteoarthritis Treatment in Ottawa.

How does rehabilitation physiotherapy help with osteoarthritis and Core stability?

Different rehabilitation physiotherapy treatments for OA include cardio and water-based exercise (swimming). The different physiotherapy treatments are strength training, weight management, self-management, and maintaining a physically active lifestyle. 

To be more specific, we would introduce exercise therapy in your osteoarthritis Treatment in Ottawa to manage the knee, hips, and hand OA. 


For more information about osteoarthritis Treatment in Ottawa, you need to get in touch with us at Physio Expert’s physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre.

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