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Physiotherapy aids in the restoration of mobility and normalcy in a patient’s life following an injury, disease, or disability. Manual therapy, as well as advising and educating the patient, are all components of a physiotherapy session. Physiotherapy can assist a patient of any age in managing pain and preventing further injuries or diseases. In a nutshell, physiotherapy assists a patient in improving and optimising his or her physical strength, functioning, and overall well-being while addressing underlying issues. It aids in the prevention of disability and injury, the management of chronic and acute health conditions, the management and improvement of the patient’s physical performance, the rehabilitation of the injury, and the education of patients on how to avoid future recurrences.

It’s difficult to give an accurate estimate of how much Kanata Physiotherapy costs until we know exactly what your problem is. For example, the cost of an initial assessment varies depending on whether you need a 45-minute assessment (£62) for a routine problem or a 60-minute assessment (£78) for a more complex problem.

Follow-up physiotherapy consultations can last 30, 45, or 60 minutes (£49-£78), depending on how many areas need to be treated, how complicated your problem is, and how much treatment you want in each session. For some people, their problem must be resolved as soon as possible; for example, they may be self-employed and unable to work, or they may be unable to care for their grandchildren or play golf.These people may prefer 60-minute follow-up treatments to get better faster.

Kanata Physiotherapy
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The cost of follow-up treatments varies depending on whether you pay session by session or purchase a care package. They offer silver packages (3 sessions), gold packages (5 sessions), and platinum packages (7 sessions) with specific therapists, each with a discount. The cost also varies depending on whether you see the clinic Director (£6 more) or one of the Associate Physiotherapists. If they believe that attending one of our exercise classes (e.g. hydrotherapy, the Better Back Programme, the Dynamic leg class) -£20 per class is the best solution for your problem, then these prices are significantly lower than 1-2-1 input.

Using this article, you can very well plan your budget in advance for availing of Kanata physiotherapy. You would not have to bear unexpected expenditure over the treatment if you don’t find the prices reasonable.

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