Personalized Treatment

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PhysioExperts is delighted to offer one-on-one physiotherapy-inspired training sessions. These programs are specifically tailored to assist with a range of individual physical health and fitness needs.

Our expert team of registered physiotherapists will formulate a personal exercise programme in keeping with your fitness goals and physical requirements – providing you with undivided attention during your workout to ensure excellent results!


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Why we prioritize a personalized approach

CUSTOMIZED TREATMENT. Following a hands-on approach, our experienced physiotherapist connects with the patient’s unique body needs and condition to provide a customized treatment plan.

EVALUATE THE CONDITION. We take into consideration the position of the joints and its mechanics, tone, strength and reaction throughout the course of treatment, which are adjusted to provide long lasting healing results.

EXPERIENCE OVER TECHNOLOGY. PhysioExperts has a team of the most knowledgeable and experienced physiotherapists in Ottawa. Our patients benefit from one-on-one, customized care at every visit. We’re here to help them achieve the best outcomes possible

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Physiotherapy tailor to your needs

We always give strong emphasis on self-management. Exercises prescribed by your expert physiotherapists play a crucial role in treating your condition. Your individual program may include a referral to one of our various health and exercise groups.

What we offer?

  • Goal setting
  • Exercise programs
  • Post-surgery rehabilitation
  • Prescription and education in the use of walking aids
  • Equipment prescription
  • Self-management support


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Our individualized physiotherapy services help our clients to receive quality treatment.