Sport physiotherapists are specialized in diagnosing and treating any sport related injuries or accidents whether it be acute or chronic.


Unlike minor day to day injuries, sport injuries are far more serious. Extensive exercise among sportspersons can takeits toll on the skeletal system this includes muscles and ligaments. Therefore, physiotherapists work with athletes by focusing on injury prevention through educating athletes and through the development of custom training programs and exercises.


There are many ways thata sports physiotherapist can treat sport related injuries. They can use mechanical agents, electrical therapy, therapeutic exercises, thermal therapy, and manual therapyamong other special techniques.


 Sports Physiotherapist have the following roles:

  • Sports Physiotherapists educate patients on how to prevent injury
  • Sports Physiotherapistsrestore athletesmechanical functioning
  • Sports Physiotherapistsassist the athletes in retuning to their sport in the exact same physical condition they were in pre-injury or better
  • Sports Physiotherapists are involved in research and continue to improve treatment through learning the latest and most innovated solutions on how to diagnose and treat any sport related injury.

As, the sport culture keeps changing, athletes go through the impossible to better than the rest, and therefore, they become prone to injury. We at PhysioExperts use the latest diagnostic and treatment methods to target any sport related injury.


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