Benefits of Interferential Current Therapy

If you have health issues including cumulative trauma diseases, body pain, joint injuries, or are planning or recovering from orthopaedic surgery, then IFT is an effective solution for you.

What is Interferential Current Therapy?

Interferential Current Therapy (IFT) is the best therapeutic form of electrotherapy. It is superior to the tens therapy when it comes to recovery from soft tissue injuries. Treatments via IFT is safe, soothing, and effective. Therapy usually takes 10-15 minutes, depending on the patient.

However, in our center, the physiotherapy treatment time for Interferential current therapy is about 20 minutes. We use a longer therapy time to enhance the therapeutic benefits of each session.

How does Interferential Current Therapy work?

Small quantities of electrical stimulation are sent to the damaged tissues in the body during interferential current therapy. The treatment aims to improve the body’s natural pain-response mechanism, increase blood flow, and raise the synthesis of hormones that promote healing.

Some benefits of Interferential Current Therapy include:

– Safely reduces or removes your discomfort.
– Swelling and irritation decreased noticeably.
– Improves restricted movements and co-ordination while restoring lost movement.
– Natural hormones are stimulated, which might help your body heal faster.
– Many doctors believe it is a particularly effective treatment for chronic pain.

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