What is the Difference Between Tendinitis, Tendinosis and Tendinopathy?

 Tendin-itis, Tendin-osis and Tendino-pathy. All three names originate from one common condition of TENDONS. A band of tissues that connect a muscle to a bone. When tendons are disorientated in their form, depending on the cause of disorientation and the type of pain, one of the above terms is used to refer to the injury and type of treatment for tendons. 

Let’s see the meaning of these symptoms below! 

  1. Tendonitis 

Tendonitis is a common term used to describe almost any tendon pain however, this term is used to describe acute inflammation of the tendons caused by wear and tear of the tissues. 

Symptoms of Tendonitis include localized pain, swelling and warmth which is caused by a sudden, acute injury or repeated micro-traumas to a tendon or group of tendons.

Don’t continue to ignore the pain and train or work through the problem. It will likely get much worse and take longer to recover from tendonitis injury.

We recommend assessment from a qualified health care center to help you manage what can be a persistent and difficult injury.

  1. Tendinosis

Chronic tendonitis may lead to tendinosis. It is a non-inflammatory degeneration of a tendon that can include changes in the structure and composition of the tendon. This often results from repetitive strains to the muscle with no time allowing it to heal. 

The difference between Tendonitis and Tendinosis is: 

  • Tendinosis may take several months to treat than Tendonitis. 
  • Tendinosis is usually caused to people who have high intense activity or sports that require repeated tendon movement. 

Treatment strategies: Encourage formation of collagen and other proteins by – Physical therapy, exercise, and/or surgery (in some cases). 

  1. Tendinopathy

Tendinopathy – pathy meaning disorder. The term literally means a disorder of the tendons. It is an umbrella term that covers any kind of tendon issue that is used to describe a chronic tendon condition that fails to heal. The causes and symptoms of tendinopathy are of wide range and are named so only after getting diagnosed for the above two. 

To avoid confusion, patients who are diagnosed with tendon impairment should ask their physio specialist to specify the details of the type of their tendon injuries.

At PhysioExperts, we help you understand your problem and classify the type of tendon impairment you could be going through. 

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