As the name implies, manual therapy consists of procedures that a physiotherapist does by hand. The ability to master manual therapy takes years of training. Manual therapy procedures like soft tissue manipulation, massage, Maitland’s and Mulligan’s mobilization techniques, McKenzie, Cyriax manipulations, HVT, neural mobilization etc., have been empirically proven to yield results.

Manual therapy is used to activate tissue repair, increase muscle strength, increase range of motion, help with soft tissue relaxation and relieve pain. Procedures of manual therapy are also used to decrease swelling, lymphatic drainage and release the activation points in the muscle. Manual therapy can be used to keep the joints moving to diminish the destructive effects of extended immobilization in bedridden cases. Other manual therapy techniques like floating procedures in the spine help in alleviating pain and increase movement. HVT (high-velocity thrust) are used to relieve faceted fastening, mechanical liabilities, and tissue constraint. Neural mobilization helps release nerve-related pain in cases like cervical and lumbar radiculopathy (sciatica).The procedures of manual therapy require great accuracy as petty errors can have devastating effects.

Manual therapy is one of the many aspects that makes PhysioExpert’s patient achieve their best. Our team of Registered Physiotherapists are experts in dealing with sports and orthopedic cases using manual therapy.

Benefits of manual therapy:

  • Stabilises the tissues
  • Reduces pain
  • Reduces spasm or swelling
  • Increases mobility
  • Remediate weakening in body functions and structures, activity limitations, or participation restrictions
  • Boost health, wellness, and fitness
  • Enrich/keep up with physical performance

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