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Many foot and ankle complications can be treated without surgery by using a brace or an orthotic.  An orthotic is a device that is strategically placed in the shoe in order to modify any malformations of the feet or the ankles. Our Ankle & Foot specialists strive to increase your mobility, decrease your rehabilitation time and increase your strength. Unlike traditional orthotic construction that takes a static foot mould, our physical therapists use a dynamic digital scanning system to acquire the perfect orthotic for you.

Off-the-shelf supplements can be used at first, but when patients have a serious problem, the orthotic must be tailored to their needs in order to see results. The scanning process is a simple procedure that can be done at our clinic. Once the detailed foot scan is complete, the custom orthotic will arrive within 10 -15 days. Custom orthotics can be made for specific shoes, sport activity’s, and foot types.


Custom braces are sometimes needed to correct foot and ankle malformations. An off-the-shelf brace is often not strong enough to address certain problems (ankle instability, posterior tibial tendon insufficiency). The best brace is one that is custom to the individual’s needs. Therefore, patients should schedule an appointment to have a mould taken of their ankle and foot. Most braces arrive within 2 weeks.


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