Rehabilitation is a client-focused approach. We strive to treat patients with the use of medical, social, educational and vocational measures to help them achieve their highest level of functioning.

Objectives of Rehabilitation:

  • To deliver suitable physiotherapy treatment as early as possible
  • To educate patients about their injury, their treatment plan etc
  • To help one obtain and maintain a positive attitude towards injured persons
  • To give professional assistance in relation to disability
  • To diminish or eliminate disability as much as possible
  • To rehabilitate the person with remaining physical abilities and build his/her aptitudes



  • Start early to obtain the best outcome
  • To be monitored and controlled based on the patients needs
  • To listen to the patient cautiously while taking their concerns into consideration
  • Help the patient reach the highest possible level of practical activity
  • Exercise and rehabilitation with the goal of completing workplace related tasks



1.The main level of prevention:

These measures are taken to ensure better health outcomes.

  • Vaccination and immunization
  • Sanitation and safe water
  • Health education
  • Proper nutrition
  • Awareness


2. Secondary level of prevention:

The goal is to restrain the level of damage/injury once it has happened.

  • Early treatment
  • Effective drug therapy
  • Correction of deformity


3.Tertiary level of prevention:

The goal is to prevent the injury from becoming a handicap.

  • Healing procedures provided by physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists
  • Exercise in self-care activities i.e. ADL’s
  • Establishing technical aids i.e. orthoses and prosthesis
  • Communal and professional self-confidence
  • Providing schooling and appropriate job for the disabled
  • Teaching for refining the approach of a family towards the patient

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