How to Prevent the 3 Most Common Sports Injuries

Sports-related injuries can be physically traumatizing at times. There are several ways which can help reduce the pain and get you back in shape. Physiotherapy is one of the most recommended ways to heal you from a severe sports injury. PhysioExperts is your sports physiotherapist that helps you move you to better health.

However, let’s look into the most common sports injuries that can take a toll on your athletic endeavour.

Shoulder Injury

When it comes to sports, shoulder injuries are quite common be it football, soccer, hockey. Tackling a shoulder injury, the best way is to see a sports physiotherapist in Ottawa. We would recommend taking a break from the routine and get your physiotherapist assess you and recommend what best for you. However, if the condition is mild and is curable then daily stretching exercises before your workout will be beneficial. 


Scoring a goal in a match and then lying down on the ground with a blow on the head is a dangerous situation. It can cause a concussion, which may result in disorientation and dizziness. In such a scenario, our best advice would be to avoid any kind of contact sports. See a sports physiotherapist in Kanata, who will chalk down a recovery plan and a series of exercises that can get you back in the game. 

Ankle Sprain

Ankles sprains are the third most common injury in sports. You require a lot of running, turning and twisting. The best way to heal your sprain is physiotherapy. We usually recommend strengthening techniques as much as possible. Also, simple RICE technique – rest, ice, compression and elevate will help heal the injury faster.

The gist

No matter how good of shape you keep yourself in, sports are demanding and take a toll on your body. Remember to be a smart athlete so that you can enjoy your favourite sport pain-free!

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Rookie Weight-Training Mistakes That Lead to Injury

Keeping an active life and working out regularly is good for your health. But exercising with correct technique, posture and intensity is important to avoid injuries. As a sports physiotherapist in Ottawa, we treat all sorts of aches, pains and injuries caused due to wrong posture techniques  or missing out on warm-ups. But we always recommend working out the right way. 

If you are a beginner and do not know how to work out right, then this article is perfect to understand the most common mistakes people make at the gym.

  1. Exercising without proper warmup

Do not skip a warmup! The reason why warmup is an essential part of your workout because you need to charge up your body to get ready for the heavyweight workout regime. It’s tempting to skip the warmup and save time, but increasing speed or intensity before your body is warm can lead to injury. Body warmup increases blood circulation, loosens your joints, and keeps the muscles warm and loose preventing acute injuries like muscle spasms or joint pains.

  1. Working out when you are unwell

If you’re feeling a bit under the weather or didn’t get enough sleep, working out will only worsen it. Your mind-body connection is important when you work out. If you feel well enough to exercise, but not 100%, don’t do strenuous exercises, rather stick to walking or yoga. 

  1. Working out too soon after injury

If you’re recovering from a sports injury, you need to take it slow and gradually resume your activity.  Just because the pain is gone, doesn’t mean your injury is healed, Get back in active mode can re-aggravate the pain and it may cause a re-injury. Pro-tip: the best way to know if you’re ready for physical activity is to consult a physical therapist.

  1. Not getting an injury treated right away

A common mistake many people make when they have a minor muscle related pain is to avoid getting a treatment for it. This often worsens the condition over time and you may risk an injury. Getting physiotherapy treatment in Ottawa when you experience a slight pain can reduce the impact of the injury. PhysioExperts gives you guidance and education on when and how to return to activity

PhysioExperts lets you experience the right muscle injury treatment in Kanata through the right physiotherapy techniques.

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