Dry Needling And It’s Benefits

Do you face complications such as headaches, problems related to blood pressure or the whooping cough?

The main goal of dry needling is to alleviate muscle soreness and cramping, although it may also aid in improving flexibility. Physiotherapists at PhysioExperts have furthered their studies and perfected the art of acupuncture and dry needling in order to better serve our clients. We use sterile, single used needles which are disposed of dutifully. They are used as part of an inclusive treatment strategy that also involves hands-on mobilization, exercise, and other techniques. An acupuncturist will insert needles into a person’s body with the goal of balancing their energy. This increases well-being and can help fight off infections.

Dry Needling can be beneficial in the following ways :

– It can act as a substitute for pain medication
– It can control some types of pain
– It can be effectively combined with other treatments
– There are very few side effects

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